Commercial Real Estate Specialists

Real estate can be a tough industry to delve into all by yourself, especially if you're looking to sell, buy, or rent a place. When you're interested in any of the above and need a professional's assistance in Rochester, contact First Realty Company. We specialize in helping people like you find the perfect property for the right price.

An Established Company

First Realty Company was first established in 1958, which means we have over 59 years of experience in the real estate industry. Douglas C. Burkhardt became the owner of the business in 1976 and has been the owner ever since. We specialize in commercial and industrial real estate and we have agents who are fully devoted to the sale and leasing of non-residential real estate. Throughout the decades, we've maintained a stellar reputation by never losing sight of our customers' needs and catering specifically to them. We have a high level of repeat business, which is proof of customer satisfaction.

A Small Focus

Unlike other real estate businesses, First Realty Company has purposely kept our customer base small. With a very personalized commercial real estate practice and willingness to take on challenging assignments, we've been able to narrow our focus on a few select clients and really go above and beyond for them to deliver complete satisfaction with our services.
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